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14th December 2017

With Christmas just around the corner we have a large selection of toys and treats for your pets in stock! From pigs in blankets to pawsecco, natural nibbles to delux treats we are sure to have something your pet will love.

15th July 2017

Are you really giving your dog a Grain Free Diet?

Grain Free dog food is experiencing a massive rise in popularity, and for good reason. People are taking much more of an interest in what they are putting into their pets now and more companies are bringing our high quality Grain Free diets to suit demand.We see a lot of customers buying Grain Free food for their dogs in particular. Grain free diets can help reduce and even eliminate conditions such as flaky and itchy skin, digestive upsets, loose stools and excess excitability.

But What About Your Treat Choice?

Many of the dog treats you see on the shelves will have cereal in them. Most of the well knows bands seen on the TV will contain some kind of cereal. This will counteract all the hard work you are doing with your food.A customer recently came in. They were feeding a high quality Grain Free diet and couldn’t work out why her dog still had red itchy skin. After going through all the common problems: change in washing powder, different plants, new shampoo, we had a look at what treats and extras the dog was given. It transpired the dog was being given mainly cereal based treats. In this case it was Bonio and Markies. After taking these out of the dogs diet, 2 weeks later the customer returned to say what a noticeable difference she has seen in her dog and the redness is nearly completely gone.Now this is not to say every dog wont tolerate cereal. These treats are all suitable for dogs as they wouldn't be able to be sold. BUT if you have a sensitive dog especially if its on a special diet, it’s definitely something to look at.We do an ever expanding range of natural, cereal free treats in our stores. So you can still treat your pet without risk of upsetting their symptoms further.Please pop in and ask if you would like any help with either Grain Free food or Grain Free treats.

3rd June 2017

Sorry for the lack of activity here on our website, we've been very busy updating our Facebook and Instagram. If you dont already, go follow us  - Aarons Pets Ltd.

We have some great seasonal products in stock now:
  • Dog Ice Creams - Frozzys
  • Cooling Mats - Keep pets cool from between 2-6 hours
  • Tie Out Cables and Ground Spikes - Ideal for camping
  • Automatic Cat Feeders
We have also added to our Privilege Grain Free dog range with 4 new lines including 2 small breed adult.

9th March 2017

Veloxa - Why you need to deworm your dog

Worms are internal parasites that affect all kinds of pet. Most live in the digestive tract, feeding on blood and ingested food. Worms Can cause diseases, be passed to humans, cause discomfort and stress and also have deadly consequences in extreme cases
Your pets can get worms from other infected animals, during pregnancy or via the mothers milk, or via fleas and lice.
You may not see signs of worms in the faeces. This does not mean your dog is clear of worms. Signs of a worm infestation may include:
  • bloated tummy and or diarrhoea
  • dragging bottom on the floor
  • lack of energy
  • dull coat
  • increased appetite
  • coughing
Some dogs show no symptoms at all which is why routine worming is so important.
Worming treatment is recommended approx every 3 months for dogs. Factors like age and lifestyle may alter this slightly.
Veloxa wormer protects from Roundworm, Tapeworm, Hookworm and Whipworm. Veloxa is beef flavoured and is a chewable tablet. There is a size available for all breeds and ages, please ask a member of staff for details. We just need to know the age and weight of your dog.
As the tapeworm can be ingested by dogs whilst inside a flea it is important to also treat with a spot on for fleas and lice.

7th March 2017

With the warmer weather approaching (hopefully!) it’s time to make sure your pets are protected against fleas, ticks and other parasites. We recommend treating your dog or cat with Frontline Plus, a simple spot on that takes seconds to apply but will last up to 8 weeks.

Frontline Plus contains a double action formula. In addition to killing fleas and tick on your pet, Frontline Plus contains active Insect Growth Regulator technology to prevent flea eggs hatching and larvae developing in your home providing added household protection.

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