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New Products!

Winalot Dog Pouches 44 pack

New bulk boxes of 44 pouches Winalot dog food are now in stock! Currently in stock in all 3 stores and currently on promotion March 2017! Get them while you can!

 Cotswold Raw

New to our Frozen dog food range is Cotswold Raw. Available in Nailsea and Portishead stores currently. Its is a high meat content complete raw food made locally with seasonal veg and ingredients. It is available as a mince or sausage form. Just defrost and feed.
 GREENIES® Canine Dental Chews are proven to clean dogs’ teeth by fighting both plaque and tartar buildup, freshening breath, and maintaining healthier teeth and gums. Designed for daily treating, our dental chews are low in fat and nutritionally complete for adult dogs.


The lickable frozen yoghurt treat for dogs. In stock now and available in 4 different flavours. An ideal treat on a hot day!
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