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New Products!

Winalot Dog Pouches 44 pack

New bulk boxes of 44 pouches Winalot dog food are now in stock! Currently in stock in all 3 stores.! Get them while you can!

 Cotswold Raw

New to our Frozen dog food range is Cotswold Raw. Available in Nailsea and Portishead stores currently. Its is a high meat content complete raw food made locally with seasonal veg and ingredients. It is available as a mince or sausage form. Just defrost and feed.

Canagan Dog Treats

Completely Grain Free treats for dogs available in 3 delicious flavours: chicken, game and salmon. Ideal for sensitive and fussy dogs, especially those on a grain free diet.
Dried Goats Ears

Already a popular choice, goats ears are relatively in low fat. A good alternative to pigs ears. We also have Rabbits ears, lambs ears and lambs feet available in the same range.

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