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Fish & Reptile
We cater for Pond and aquarium fish here at Aarons Pets. We stock a range of food, pumps, filters, treatments and accessories for fish.
We are able to order in a lot of products that we do not currently stock, please ask if you cannot see what you are looking for.
We sell pond fish food by the sack if required. Please note we also offer a local delivery service, please click on the delivery tab to the left for more details.
We sell live insects and frozen mice, chicks etc in all 3 of our stores. We also sell frozen fish food. Please ask if you would like help with any of the feed.
Reptile is a relatively new part of our store, we have been selling reptile products for about 5 years now but still have lots to learn! If there is anything that you would like to see stocked or would like us to order for you, please ask and we will do our best to help.
We do not stock tank or vivarium bulbs because there are so many out there but we can order most types within 48 hours.Please call us with the manufacture, wattage and size and we will quote you a price.
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