Aarons Pets Ltd -
Dog identification Aarons Pets Ltd in Nailsea and Clevedon, North Somerset. We offer micro-chipping too, please ask for details.
These are the current guidelines for Dog Tags in the UK. As stated above, we would recommend that you have your mobile telephone number on your tag, or if not a mobile a land line would be sufficient.
If you are out looking for your dog, a mobile is the easiest way of reaching someone.
Please also be aware that from 2016 it will be a legal requirement to have your dog Micro-chipped. This is a way to permanently mark your pet for identification. The animal is scanned by a vet, dog warden or some pet stores (we can scan) and will come up with the owners information.
We do offer a micro-chipping service here at Aarons Pets. We can also offer a home visit, especially useful for cats or if you have more than one pet. We can also chip rabbits. Please ask at either store for details.
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