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Aarons Pets Ltd

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Nailsea: 01275 852030

Getting a New Cat or Kitten?

Getting a new cat or kitten is a very exciting time. If you haven't had a cat before it can be difficult to know what to get and how you will get on. We have tried to produce a rough guide on what you will need and what you can expect. This will vary from cat to cat, age and lifestyle will play a big part.

If you are looking for a rescue cat or kitten, we have a list of centres on our website. Please click here: Rescue Centres

We have complied a short list of things we feel you will need when you get your first cat or kitten. Of course you may wish to buy more or may have to in the future. 

  • Bed
  • Bowls
  • Food
  • Brush or Comb
  • Toys
  • Litter, Litter tray & Scoop
  • Collar & tag
  • Carrier
  • Scratch Post
And especially for kittens:
  • Neutraliser Spray (Wash & Get Off)
  • Anti-Scratch Spray

Tips for making your cat feel at home

Cats are very independent creatures and some will take longer to settle than others. Rescue cats especially will need patience to settle in completely. We recommend the first day you bring your cat home, leave it to take in its new surroundings, let it approach you when its ready. It is important that your cat trusts you. You will soon find your cat feels more comfortable and you can start approaching it slowly, you will have a great bond in no time.

If your cat does seem to be having a particularly hard time settling in, we do sell Feliway. Feliway is a plug in that releases a pheromone (similar to that which a mother cat releases to its baby) to help the cat feel calmer and more relaxed in its environment. We also have a spray available which is ideal for traveling. Please ask if you would like more information on Feliway.

Food - It is always best to ask the person you are getting the cat or kitten from what food it is already eating so you can get the same thing to help it settle in to its new home. Once it has settled if you are not happy with it you can think about changing it. There is a guide to cat food in the Cat section on this website.

Litter - Like the food, we recommend you ask the seller which litter the cat or kitten is used to using. All litters have different smells and the cat will associate the smell with going to the toilet. Alternatively if it is an adult cat who has never had a litter tray or not had one for a number of years, we recommend choosing a wood based litter with a coating of soil over the top, which can be reduced as the cat gets used to the litter.

Wash & Get Off - Unlike normal disinfectants that will remove the stain, Wash & Get Off will neutralise the urine odour that cats can still smell and deter repeat soiling. There are other products that do the same job but Wash & Get Off is our most popular one.

Whilst we stock veterinary strength flea treatments and wormers, we always recommend that for the first treatment you take your kitten or cat to the vet. This way it can be given a health check, injections if needed, and dosed accurately for its wormer. For a guide on flea control please click here: Flea Control