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Getting a new Dog or Puppy

Getting a new dog or puppy is a very exciting time. If you haven't had a dog before it can be difficult to know what to get and how you will get on. We have tried to produce a rough guide on what you will need and what you can expect. This will vary from dog to dog, age and breed will play a big part.

If you are looking for a rescue dog or puppy, we have a list of places locally. Please click the link here: Rescue Centres.

We also have a list of puppy breeders that have been approved by the Pet Care Trust. We also have a notice board outside both of our shops where local people advertise.

We have complied a short list of things to make sure you have for your new addition. Of course you may wish to buy more and may have to in the future but we feel this is a good starting point until you get to know your dog.

New Dog Checklist

  • Bed
  • Bowls
  • Food
  • Brush
  • Toys (for teething if a puppy)
  • Collar & Lead
  • Identity Tag
  • Poo Bags
  • Treats

And specifically for puppies:

  • Training Treats
  • Puppy Pads
  • Netraliser Spray (like Wash & Get Off)
  • Dog Crate
  • Chew Stoppa Spray

Tips for making your dog feel at home

A new home can be daunting for a dog of any age but puppies often take the longest time to settle as they have the most change to deal with. It is a great idea to have something that smells familiar to the puppy, so if it is possible maybe ask the breeder if you can leave a blanket at their house a few days before you collect the puppy, if that's not possible collect it and place it on the blanket for the journey home, at least it will have its own scent on there and should then recognise it as a safe object and feel more at ease. This will also apply to an older dog so good to bear in mind.

Please be aware your new dog or puppy may be unsure of its new surrounding and may be frightened. It is important for the first couple of days to keep the household calm and let the puppy or dog approach you, don't expect an instant bond, especially with an older dog. Most dogs settle very well and quickly and training can begin straight away so they know the boundaries.

If your dog really is struggling to settle in, we do stock Adaptil. Adaptil is a plug in that releases a natural pheromone which helps calm the dog and make them feel secure. There is also a spray available. If you would like information on this and to see if it would work for you please ask any member of staff.

Food – It is always best to ask the breeder what food the puppy is on so that you can get the same. Even if you do not like the product it is best to keep the puppy on it for the first two weeks and then you can think about changing it once he has settled in. Please ask for advice or click the link here: what to feed my dog

Puppy Pads – Puppy pads help to house train your puppy. They are super absorbent and touch dry in 30 seconds. Ideal for keeping the floor and paws dry!

Wash & Get Off – Unlike normal disinfectants that will remove the stain, Wash & Get Off will neutralize the urine odour that your pet can still smell and deter repeat soiling.

Dog Crates - Often a controversial subject, dog crates are a great way of training your puppy when used correctly. We have a page on our website dedicated to dog crates, please CLICK HERE.

Whilst we stock veterinary strength flea treatments and wormers, we will always recommend that for the first treatment you take your new puppy to the vet. This way it can also be given a health check and dosed accurately. For more information on Flea Control please Click here: Flea Treatments For more information on wormer please click here: Worming your pet

We really hope you have a great time with your new dog or puppy. Don't forget we are here to help you along the way, no question is too big or too small, we have heard them all before! Dogs are welcome to both of our stores so we would love to see your new additions!