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Aarons Pets Ltd

Dog - Cat - Small Animal - Fish - Poultry - Bird - Reptile

Nailsea: 01275 852030


Privilege is exclusive to Aarons Pets. We have a few different ranges available for the majority of animals.

Privilege Premium is a super premium hypoallergenic complete food. We have recipes for dogs and cats available. Formulated without wheat or wheat gluten, it is suitable for dogs or cats with sensitive digestion. The range comprises of the very best nutrition for all sizes, ages and lifestyles.

Privilege is proudly manufactured here in the UK in an environmentally sustainable pet food manufacturing facility.

Privilege Grain Free is our grain free complete dry food available for dogs and cats. We are incredibly proud to be able to offer you such a high quality Grain Free products at a great price.

Grain Free food is becoming increasingly popular with pet owners. People are more aware of what goes into pets food and are looking for top quality ingredients for a good price. Here is where Privilege Grain Free really shines.

Grain is a blanket description and covers ingredients like rice, wheat, barley etc which some pets struggle to digest as it would not naturally occur in their diet. Sweet potato is used instead as it is low in starch and contains natural fibres and is easy for dogs to digest.

We offer great flavour varieties along with specially selected ingredients that provides all the nutrition, vitamins and minerals that your pet needs.

Our Grain Free range has proven to also be incredibly popular and is now one of the top selling dog foods in our stores.

Privilege Pond Food is one of our best selling pond food ranges. We have a variety of pack sizes available including sacks. It is of a high quality and will not cloud your pond water.