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BARF Diet (Bones and Raw Food)

The BARF diet is something that is becoming increasingly popular in our stores. Done well, it is close to how a dog would eat in the wild. The hard part is getting it right. The BARF diet is traditionally not an easy way to feed your dog or cat. It needs to be carefully managed as you are in sole charge of making sure your pet receives the correct levels of protein, vitamin, minerals etc in their diet.

A BARF diet must be as varied as possible for it to work with lots of raw bones, minced meats, liver, lungs, yogurt, fruits and vegetables and herbs. If the diet is the same all the time, your pet will not get all the nutrients they need as they would in a pre balanced dry food. Feeding fresh chicken and rice everyday does more harm than good.

Complete Raw Meals

Natures Menu have now made feeding a BARF diet a much easier process for pet owners. They have a range of nuggets and blocks available that are completely balanced, no need to worry your pet will miss out on any important vitamins or nutrients.

The introduction of Grain Free complete nuggets was a massive success. Its our most popular range in the frozen food.

Frozen food for Cats

Lately we have seen a rise in the number of customers asking about raw feeding for their cat. As cats are carnivorous, we can see how this would be an obvious choice. Cats need meat protein in their diet whereas dogs can live without, although it is beneficial. Again, you need to make sure the diet is balanced and your cat is still getting all the vitamins, minerals and fats it requires in its diet. There is a complete nuggets option available for cats.

Guidelines for feeding

This is a guide and by no means the be all and end all of how you should feed your pet. Our pets all have different lifestyles but this is to show you how a typical dog or cat should eat. The actual amount you will need to feed will depend on your dogs weight and exercise level and there will be a guide on the back of the packaging. As a rule you feed 2-3% of your dogs body weight per day.

Feeding raw if you are making the meals yourself

For those dogs whose metabolism requires non-starchy grain: An average of 60% meat (including the organ on the designated day), 20% fruit and vegetables and 20% non-starchy grain.

For cats and for dogs whose metabolism requires no grain at all: An average of 80% meat (including the organ on the designated day) and 20% fruit and vegetables.

The complete options are often much more convenient and you can be sure it is balanced for your pet.