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Feeding your Small Animal

I'm sure you are probably aware that there is a huge range of products available for small animals on the market. We do stock a good range but we cannot stock everything. We are happy to get something for you if you wish. We feel we have a range that should cover all needs.

Selective Feeding

We get many customers saying their animals will not eat certain bits in the mixed feeds. More often than not it is the large pellet pieces. This is because your animal does not find this piece appealing. It doesn't really have much of a smell so they will not be enticed to eat it and it isn't the best tasting piece in the mix so it will be left till last and by then the animal is usually full.

When an animal does this picky eating it is called Selective Feeding. This can be a problem because certain food groups can be neglected. For example, the large pellet contains most of the fibre in the mix. It can be compared to a child who doesn't eat its vegetables.

This is why companies like Burgess and Supreme have produced complete pelleted foods like Excel and Science Selective.

I know what you may be thinking, if my pet doesn't eat the pellets in the mix why would I feed it an all pellet diet?

The answer is because it is not the same pellet. In the mix the pellet is the fibrous 'boring' part. The pellets in the Excel and Science Selective and all other completely pelleted diets are the whole mix, crushed up an formed into a pellet. So the pellet contains all the ingredients which make up the diet. This way when the pet eats, no food group can be neglected. They pellets are also more appealing as they contain the 'nice' parts of the diet as well as the 'boring' ones.

Of course, if your animal eats all of its mix there is no reason for you to have to feed a pelleted diet. We find that 9 times out of 10 an animal is leaving one of more ingredients in its mix feed. Feeding complete pellets can help to stop mineral deficiencies and other diet related problems.

Burgess Excel covers Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Chinchilla, with a Burgess Supa Rat Pellet Diet for Rats. Science Selective covers all small animals including Ferrets, Mice, Hamsters and Degus.

Please ask a member of staff if you would like any advice on feeding your small animal.