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In store we stock two extremely popular BARF (Bones and Raw Food) Dog Diets, priding ourselves on having great product knowledge, alongside an understanding of canine nutrition and raw feeding.

Feeding a Raw diet is perhaps the oldest diet on the block, inspired by your furry friends natural eating habits, as all domestic dogs are descendants of the grey wolf, which hunted and scavenged for food.

Feeding a raw diet to your dog is a perfect way of feeding food in its most natural state and is becoming extremely popular with dogs with allergies or fussy eaters.

Natures Menu Raw Dog Food


Natures Menu is an extremely popular Raw Diet to feed your Dog having a huge range of products, which also covers treats, cans and pouches. The complete and Balanced Raw Nugget Range comes in both Grain Free and Cereal based options, both having everything your dog needs giving a complete and healthy balance meal. Natures Menu also offers a just meat range in block or Freeflow Mince where you can add your own vegetables and carbohydrates to form your own tailor made diet. This being a great option should your dog need to avoid certain proteins or ingredients. 

The Natures Menu range also cover a variety of Raw *Bones and *Chews which are a great way of helping promote good dental health as well as keeping your dog entertained, as well as providing some mental stimulation.

(*always feed under supervision)


Cotswold Raw currently comes in a variety of single source organic British meats in an 80/20 range. High quality locally sourced ingredients, along with no artificial additives or preservatives, fillers or grains are used. They are available in Puppy, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Lamb or Beef & Tripe, in 1kg or 500g size options.

*Longhorn Beef Marrow Bones are also available

(*always feed under supervision)

Cotswold Raw 80/20 Dog Food
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