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Springtime is a wonderful time of year as the nights are starting to become lighter and the weather is getting a little warmer so we can all start to enjoy the great outdoors again and begin to appreciate our gardens/outdoor spaces after the cold winter months.

Did you know that here at Aarons Pets we stock a great range of Plants for your Gardens, Patio`s, Tubs and even Hanging Basket whatever the Season.

We also Stock a small range of all those essential Gardening products from Compost, Bark, Manure, Grass Seed, Plant Feeds, Weedkillers etc. So why not come and take a look next time you are in shopping.

* Subject to Availability

Primrose Spring Flowering Garden Plant


These spring plants offer great value garden colour. They are much loved by all gardeners as their colour range is diverse with a large mix of bright cheerful shades.

* Subject to Availability

Pansies Flowering Garden Plant


These colourful compact plants hold their vibrant flower heads high, whatever the weather brings to ensure your garden is filled with colour.

* Subject to Availibility

Heather Flowering Garden Plant


These colourful and compact garden plants produce a profusion of tiny flowers, a valuable nectar source for bees and perfect for brightening up borders, tubs and even hanging baskets.

* Subject to Availibility

Aubretia Garden Plant


These low growing, evergreen perennial plants form a mat of flowers making them idea for ground cover or perfect for tumbling down a wall. They are hardy plants are best positioned in a sunny spot and despite not being scented the Bees love them. They prefer well drained soil and will tolerate dry growing conditions.

* Subject to Availability

Erysimum Garden Plant


Also more commonly know as wallflowers, these spring to summer flowering plants provide a vibrant display of colour. Many varieties are perennials and have attractive evergreen foliage. These easy to grow plants are perfect for adding colour and fragrance to your garden borders or containers.

* Subject to Availability



These mat forming, evergreen perennials are extremely popular for growing in rockeries, containers, stone wall and as ground cover in free draining borders making them the perfect choice for the first glimpses of colour in our gardens.

* Subject to Availability

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