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Did you know that we now stock an extremely popular range of veterinary Diet Foods for your Cat that are available in both wet and dry form. Should you require any advice regarding this range of products please ask a member of the Aarons Pets Team that will be happy to advise.

Animonda Integra Renal Cat Food


Integra Protect Renal Food has been specially developed for cats with chronic renal insufficiency. Cats with chronic kidney disorders need a special diet that is reduced in protein and phosphorus. It has the effect that less protein breakdown products have to be excreted and it supports the function of the remaining kidney tissue. This leads to a lasting improvement in the cats wellbeing. 


Integra Protect Intestinal is optimally tailored to the special nutritional requirements of cats with acute diarrhoea. Highly digestible poultry protein combined with easy to digest rice and corn help the cats intestines to regenerate. It contains no Gluten, has increased sodium and chloride content and ensures that the losses caused by diarrhoea are compensated for. 

Animonda Integra Intestinal Cat Food
Animonda Integra Diabetes Cat Food


Integra Protect Diabetes is a dietary dry food for cats with diabetes mellitus that require special requirements regarding their intake of nutrients. They need a high-protein and low carbohydrate diet to minimise the rise in blood glucose levels after eating. It contains no gluten and tastes particularly good to diabetic cats.


Integra Protect Urinary has been specially developed for cats that have already suffered from struvite stones. To prevent these from recurring it is important that the cat has a urine pH below 6.5, where at this pH level, struvite stones can no longer form. This dry Urinary cat food contains perfectly balanced minerals. It is also imprtant that the magnesium and phosphorus supply is tailored to the cats needs. It is also tasty, making sure it is extremely palatable to cats.

Animonda Integra Urinary Cat Food
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