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Chihuahua Bath Grooming



We have a great range of this Animiology Shampoo in store. A perfect option for cleaning or freshening up your furry friend. They cater for all breeds and smell absolutely wonderful. Take a look at the range next time you are in store.

Animiology Dog Shampoo


We have a large range of Grooming Products in store. Why not visit us today and check out our range of Brushes, Combes. Ancol products cater for all types of breeds. Should you require any help or advice of choosing the right item for your pet, please ask a member of the team who will be happy to help.

Ancol Dog Grooming Brushes and Combs




We have a range of `Ancol & Mikki` Nail Clippers in Store that will cater for all types of breeds.

Ancol Dog Pet Nail Clippers


A great range of Shampoo, made by the very popular Johnson range. From Sensitive Skin to just smelling nice, this brand has it covered. Please ask a member of the Team should you require any advice on choosing a shampoo

Johnsons Dog Shampoo




We have a range of wipes in store, covering all your pet needs. We have wipes for Ears, Eyes and General ones enabling you to keep all areas of your pet clean and smelling nice. Why not have a look at the range next time you are in shopping as these are a great item to have in the cupboard for freshening your pet up in a flash!

Dog Pet Wet Wipes


We stock Furminator De-shedding Tools for dogs, which are a fantastic item that reduces loose hair from shedding by up to 90% on a regularly groomed pet. The design of the stainless steel edge allows the tool to push through the top coat to easily and gently remove the undercoat and loose hair without cutting or irritating the dogs delicate skin.

Dog Furminators
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