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Puppy Dog in Red Cushion



We Stock the extremely popular brand of `Frontline` for Flea & Tick coverage, in both the Plus and Standard Ranges for both your Dogs and Cats. The Plus being the stronger product having an additional ingredient in it, to prevent the flea eggs from hatching, which is most advantage, should your pet have fleas . Do ask a member of the Team should you require any further information.

Frontline Spot on


We Stock in store the Genuine Range of Seresto Flea and Tick Collars for Dogs. These Collars are a great alternative to Spot on Treatments, as they last for up to 8 Months, are water-resistant and Odour Free. Should you require any further information, please ask a member of the Team.

Serresto Flea Dog & Cat Collars


We have a good range of Tick removing Tools in store. These are also a great item and a handy little gadget to have in your pets first aid box, because it is inevitable that your beloved pet will get a tick at some time or another. If you require any further advice please ask a member of the team.

Tick Remover Tools


We have a range of products in store that will help with the prevention and cure of Fleas within your home environment. We have various products from `Indorex` Flea Spray, Shake n Vac Style Powders  and even Foggers. Why not take a look when you next pick up your dogs flea treatment, after all 95% of fleas live in the home and not on your Pet!

Household Flea Spray Indorex & Johnsons


We also stock in store a `Johnsons` Flea, Spot on Treatment and Tablet range of products. 

Johnsons 4Fleas Spot On


We stock Two different ranges of Flea Shampoo for your Dog instore. The Animiology and Johnson ones are both great options for giving your dog a bath and treating them for fleas at the same time. Why not take a look next time you are in shopping

Animiology Flea Shampoo
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