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Here at Aarons Pets we have several varieties of Cat Litters for you to choose from. In store you will find our range includes, Wood Based, Silica, Clay and Paper, so why not come and have a browse at our Full range when you are next in shopping.

Breeder Select Cat Litter Stocked at Aarons Pets Nailsea


This Paper based cat litter is highly absorbant, biodegradable and compostable along with economical, long lasting and lightweight, making it a great choice for kittens and adult cats. Available in 3 sizes, 10 Ltr, 20 Ltre and 30 Ltr Bags


Wood Pellets cat Litter is a top choice for pet owners who prefer natural products. This plant based hygienic litter takes care of your pets hygiene without harming the environment. Available in 10 Ltr Bags

Kitty Friend Wood Pellets Cat Litter Stocked at Aarons Pets Nailsea
Extra Select Hygiene Cat Litter Stocked at Aarons Pets Nailsea

Hygiene Litter

Made from very fine pourous hygiene granules which is manufactured from natural quartz sand and lime, meaning liquid is absorbed very quickly like a sponge. This cat litter is a popular alternative to Catsan with our customers.


Silica Gel cat litter is an innovative product that after absorbing liquid, remains dry to the touch as well as neutralizing odours. These special crystals allow moisture to evaporate while odour molecules stay bonded in the crystals, keeping your cats litter tray cleaner for longer.

Pettex Silica Cat Litter stocked at Aarons Pets Nailsea
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